ADV.FIT is proud to announce the 2017 Southwest Multisport Series!

The SWMS is based on accrued points from several different multisport events held in the southwest United States and Mexico, with individuals and team/club members compiling points based on participation and placement in the following events:

  • 2/18/17 Desert Classic Duathlon
  • 3/11/17* Lake Pleasant Triathlon
  • 4/22/17 Rocky Point Triathlon
  • 5/21/17 Tempe International Triathlon
  • 6/10/17 Lake Pleasant Swim/Run
  • 7/29/17* Tempe Swim/Run
  • 9/9/17 Lake Pleasant Multisport Finals
    (*tentative dates)

Athletes will be tested in the truest sense of mutisport: Duathlon, Triathlon, Swim/Run, as well as distance and trail running; this is a demanding season-long series to find the most well-rounded multisport athletes from across the world, taking place on some of the most scenic courses in the southwest United States & Mexico.