Thanks for swinging by our site as we prep for an unbelieveable 2017 loaded with running & multisport events. From charity 5k’s to marathons, and triathlons on the sunny beaches of Mexico to amazing SwimRun venues in Arizona and even indoor ninja warrior – type events too; we love putting on adventure fitness events.

Whether you’re looking for a turn-key solution for promotion & production for your race or it’s one of our many different adventure fitness events, ADV.FIT is dedicated to delivering fun, safe, memorable events for all types of athletes.

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Professional attention to detail from course design, obstacle creation, event management, race timing, and more – get started:




ADV.FIT is proud to announce the 2017 Southwest Multisport Series!

The SWMS Point Series brings together over a half-dozen prestigious and exciting events in the southwest USA & Mexico. Points are accrued for individual athletes and team/club members based on participation and placement in the following events:

(*tentative dates, registration is not yet open)

Athletes will be tested in the truest sense of mutisport: Duathlon, Triathlon, SwimRun, as well as distance and trail running; this is a demanding season-long series to find the most well-rounded multisport athletes from across the world, taking place on some of the most scenic courses in the southwest United States & Mexico.

Check out the SWMS Point Series scoring system & rules here

What We’re All About

Fun, Fitness, and Adventure – whatever order you may put these things in, we happen to put fun first. (well, safety is always first!)

Our mantra is pretty simple, and we’re very serious about it:

Come happy, play hard, leave even happier.

Be competitive. Be the best you can be. Be a good person too. If you can’t play hard and have a good attitude, keep your money and stay home.

Respect your fellow athletes, volunteers and staff, because we surely respect the hard work you put in to get here as an athlete, and hard-earned money you invested in our events. The vibe of our events is extremely important to us – it’s why we’re in this business in the first place. If you intend to show up with a bad attitude and ruin the fun, just don’t show up at all – because we will ask you to leave.