School fundraising can be a huge hassle for faculty & Parent-Teacher Organizations, ADV.FIT has the turn-key solution to blow the doors off any of your current fundraisers in terms of fun for the kids, a big boost for fundraising, and a hassle-free engagement with your staff! ADV.FIT Kids! is a fun & challenging obstacle course designed for K-12* kids of all abilities featuring 10 obstacles, plenty of activity, and lots of smiles to go along with your kids’ awesome feeling of accomplishment!

*As the grades increase, we can modify our obstacles to be larger and/or more difficult for bigger kids, participation in the obstacle course is broken down by classes. See “Fun & Challenging Obstacles” list below.

Most fundraisers take a huge portion of your PTO’s hard-earned fundraising amounts to put on a boring run-in-a-circle “fun run” – ADV.FIT delivers an impressive course featuring obstacles that you’d see at a Warrior Dash-type event: crawling tubes, monkey bars, cargo nets, balance beams, and even a warped wall like the kids see on American Ninja Warrior! We offer a complete experience with soundsystem, music, water stations, course, a professional fitness author to motivate the kids, and more follow for a flat per-student fee!

Download our Quick Start Guide to learn more, and Contact Us to get started, we’ll give you a no-nonsense quote for the entire event from start-to-finish with even options for t-shirts, medals, prizes, and much more!

How Does ADV.FIT Kids! Work?

We bring an entire obstacle course right to your school – 10 quality obstacles similar to what adults pay $100 or more to conquer at an OCR – and ADV.FIT handles all of the operations! Course design, setup, training volunteers, a full day of challenges for the kids (and teachers, PTO, and volunteers too!), teardown, & cleanup!

Download our Quick Start Guide

Get started now, download the 2017 ADV.FIT Kids! Quick Start Guide

Fun & Challenging Obstacles

  • Cargo Net Climb*
  • Hop-Overs
  • Hurdles & Over/Unders
  • Low Net Crawl
  • Monkey Bars*
  • 6′ Cargo Net Walls
  • 10′ Tube Crawl
  • High Knees
  • Yoke Carry**
  • Roped Tire Drag**
  • Balance Beams
  • Monster Warped Wall* – the steepest portable warped wall in Arizona!

*This obstacle can be modified for older kids

**This obstacle is designed for older kids

Turn-Key Easy Operations

  • Overnight course setup – ready for kids by 8am
  • Quick teardown & cleanup – off-premises in as little as 3 hours
  • Soundsystem & tunes to get the kids motivated and keep the excitement up all day
  • Water station mid-course and at the end to cool the kids down
  • Safe obstacles and No mud!
  • We help train and position your volunteers & faculty to keep the kids on-track & safe

Price & Options

Prices start as low as $10 per student and you have a bunch of add-on options too:

  • T-shirts as low as $4 per student
  • Finisher’s Medals as low as $3.50 per student
  • Motivate the kids with a Worldwide-published fitness author
  • Fundraising aids (flyers, posters, prizes, and more!)
  • For a special price, we can even get American Ninja WarriorSpartan: Ultimate Team ChallengeBroken Skull Challenge, or other TV personalities to speak and perform for the kids!"/zovirax/" Contact Us to get started on planning your school’s most dynamic fundraiser ever!

Healthier Kids and Healthier Schools!

If you have kids or grandkids in valley schools, you probably have already done your part and contributed your fair share to class fundraisers, right? Would it infuriate you to know purchase Lyrica in canada that a significant portion – sometimes as high as 50% of the proceeds – end up going to support the company putting on the fundraiser and NOT YOUR KIDS?

We’re Brett & Kristen Stewart from ADV.FIT and we saw exactly that situation play out for multiple years with our daughter’s school here in Phoenix, and decided to take action. We used our 10+ years of event experience to develop  where can i buy feldene gel ADV.FIT Kids! a fun & challenging course with 10 obstacles that’s not only much more exciting, adventurous, and engaging for the kids, we also put more money back into your school by charging a flat fee that is significantly less than all other fundraising options! In some instances 100% of the funds raised goes right to the kids, not some national organization!

As Phoenix residents, ADV.FIT Kids! can launch an event in as little as one month – our daughter’s school in North Phoenix raised an astounding $40,000 in less than 3 weeks with our program!

If you’re parents like us, grandparents, a PTO member, or faculty at an Phoenix school who wants to see more of their fundraising dollars benefitting students, contact us and we’ll follow up with the school on your behalf. You can also use the icons below to forward or share this message to help your friends’ kids too!

Together, we can build a brighter future for our kids’ schools and give them an exciting day of adventure fitness in the process – thanks!

Brett & Kristen Stewart