Texas A&M ROTC Course

Our crew built these massive obstacles for the Col. Don Higginbotham (USMC, Ret.) ROTC Training Facility at Texas A&M Central Texas location in Killeen, TX. The course is designed in a V-shape with an enormous 25′ tall rope climb in the center and (4) additional obstacles radiating out on each side:

  • 25′ Rope Climb
  • 6′, 8′, 10′ Walls, all 20′ wide
  • (2) X-Shaped Pull-up Bars
  • (2) 20′ long rising Monkey Bars
  • (6) Log Hurdles
  • Easy Balancer
  • Z-shaped Hip Hip

Portable O-Courses

We offer our Commando, Viper, and Viper “Lite” portable obstacle courses with white glove service – our team designs and fabricates your new course to your specs right on-site and show your crew how to build and dismantle it for storage. We can also provide experienced race-day officials to make sure your event goes smoothly.

Commando Semi-Portable O-Course

The Commando Semi-Portable O-Course is designed to be as close to a fixed course as possible without digging into the grounds and using concrete footers to secure the elements permanently. The individual elements can be moved and reused, although they are not optimized to be broken down for storage easily like our Viper and Talon POrtable O-Courses.

Case Study: Summit Leadership Academy – The client needed a JROTC course that they could utilize immediately with the flexibility to move the structures to a new facility in the future. This Commando Semi-Portable ROTC O-Course with (12) obstacles was fabricated in 2-up pods for a strong structure that has no concrete footers – enabling the obstacles to be moved with minimal damage to their sports fields.

We set up the Low Crawl, Monkey Bars, Triceps Traverse (Hand Walk), Balance Beams, Tire Agility, Hurdles, 4′ Wall, 6′ Wall, Confidence Climb, Z-Traverse Wall, A-Frame Cargo Climb, and Rope Wall in an out & back layout to optimize one instructor’s ability to monitor the entire course and the combined structures provided extensive strength and stability for (12) portable obstacles.

Commando Portable O-Courses can be left natural or sealed, stained, and/or painted to match your needs. Cargo nets can be specially ordered in Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, or Blue.

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Viper Portable O-Course

We designed and built this Viper Portable O-Course for our client to use at multiple different charity functions throughout the years to come. All of the elements are built in “pods” that are side-by-side for strength and durability and have a very small footprint with participants using one side on the way “out” on the course and the other on the way “back”. The Viper Portable O-Course can all be broken down for storage and easily reassembled on nearly any course and if extremely flexible for multiple different layouts and easy to add additional obstacles and challenges over time.

Viper Portable O-Courses can be left natural or sealed, stained, and/or painted to match your needs. Cargo nets can be specially ordered in Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, or Blue.

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Viper “Lite” Portable O-Course

Similar to our Viper Portable O-Course, the Viper “Lite” Portable O-Course is even more optimized for easy breakdown and storage as well as transport from event to event.

Walls and other elements are built in a more portable, modular way to allow for easier storage and set up by a crew as small as 2 individuals.

Viper Portable O-Courses can be left natural or sealed, stained, and/or painted to match your needs. Cargo nets can be specially ordered in Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, or Blue.

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Adventure Fitness Obstacle Gyms

Designed for fun, fitness, and agility, our Adventure Fitness Obstacle Gyms are like a playground designed by a Ninja Warrior! Up to a dozen different elements are packed into a space not much bigger than 12′ x 12′:

Monkey Bars, Rope Climb, Cliffhanger, Traverse Wall, Log Hops, Balance Logs, Hi/Lo Rope, Confidence Climb, and more!

We can build these structures in backyards, campgrounds, parks – anywhere!

email brett@triphx.com to get started!

Challenge / Assault Courses

Extremely similar to our ROTC courses, Challenge and Assault Courses have multiple uses – for timed completion and speed-based challenges, teamwork, rescue scenarios, and much more. These courses are sometimes referred to as Proving Grounds and O-Courses, and are adaptable resources for military training, first responders, Spartan Race-type training and competitions, and more.

We can turn ANY SPACE into a multi-use training area for cadets, athletes, corporate outings, team-building challenges, 24-hour survival & rescue scenarios, and public & private events!

We design the course, plan the obstacles and create a custom course for nearly any budget. ACCT member & OCRWC certified

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JROTC / Challenge Course

Below is Phase I of a high school JROTC O-Course to train young cadets for regional and national competitions. Our team designed the course with room for Phase II and beyond and built these (7) obstacles in only 4 days for less than $20k including materials!

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Low Ropes Courses

What do you get when you combine all the elements of an O-course together with fun and challenging elements to climp over, under, and through – AND don’t need any additional safety equipment or harnesses? A Low Ropes Course!

At just 12″ – 24″ off the ground, a Low Ropes Course is a safe, fun way to build agility, get exercise, and conquer challenges without ropes or harnesses in the way. Try your best and step off on the ground if you need to – and try again!

Davison Township Low Ropes Hex Playground

Camp Grace Challenge Course – Low Ropes & Obstacles

Reid Ranch Low Ropes Course

We built this low ropes course in 2 stages – the original lower course in 2021 and an expanded taller portion in 2022!

Bell Bank Park powered by Legacy Sports USA Low Ropes Course

A Low Ropes Course can have a million different variations depending on its usage and placement – fun & amusement, fitness training, testing one’s balance and skills, team building, and even “competition” against friends. By linking all the elements together, a Low Ropes Course can be used on a sequential path from start-to-finish or as a playground-type of a free-flow area where participants choose what elements they want to enjoy.

DID YOU KNOW: Insuring a Low Ropes Course is usually quicker and less expensive than an “Obstacle course” or “O-Course” as most major insurance carriers have a category for Low Ropes Courses similar to Playgrounds. Check your local area and insurance carrier for guidelines. We are a member of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology)

Every ADV.FIT Low Ropes Course is custom-built for your usage, size, age demographics, etc. Our crew has built world-championship courses on the top of a mountain, we can absolutely create your low ropes course just about anywhere!

To get started now, just email brett@adv.fit

Here’s a Low Ropes / Log Course with ~20 different elements we built at 8000′ on a ranch resort in Utah!

  • Log Hops
  • Balance Logs
  • Apex Rope Wall
  • U Bridge
  • Monkey Bars
  • Log Bridge
  • A-Frame Cargo Climb
  • Tire Traverse
  • Confidence Climb
  • Hi/Lo Rope Walk
  • Rope Jungle
  • Pole Traverse
  • Trouble Timbers
  • Traverse Wall
  • Hanging Timbers
  • Tarzan Swing

low ropes course is a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork, skills, and commitment. Constructed of cable, rope, and wood, courses are constructed outdoors to blend in with the natural environment.

Backyard OCR/Ninja Obstacle Courses

Training or competing with your friends using military-style, OCR or Ninja obstacles doesn’t require a large space – we can create multi-level, multi-functional obstacles in as little as a 12′ x 12′ footprint – featuring all the elements you’d need to train for Obstacle Course Races, general functional fitness, rock climbing, and even shoot your own American Ninja Warrior acceptance video. Elements are designed for adults and kids and completely customized to your space and requirements.

We are members of ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology)

One structure can contain over a dozen different disciplines, including:

  • Monkey Bars
  • Ninja Rings
  • Rope Climb
  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Military Weaver
  • Devil’s Ladder / Stairway to Heaven
  • Rock Cimbing Holds
  • Ninja-style Hanging Elements
  • Rope Traverse
  • Irish Table
  • Pull-Up Bars
  • Salmon Ladder
  • …and more!

What Does an All-In-One Gold Package Look Like?

Over/Under walls, Log Vaults, Log Traverse, Cargo Net Traverse, Pull-Up Bars, Triceps Traverse, Monkey Bars (with 2 cliffhanger paths), Ring Swing, Rope Climb (and multiple rope trainers), Tarzan Swing, Hercules Hoist, Confidence Climb, Apex Rope Wall, Log Hops, Punching Bag, and Ninja Steps!

Obstacle Examples

Packages & Pricing

Pricing is dependent on size, elements, and construction materials, we can custom-design any type of elements to create your personalized training and competition course or all-in-one multi-obstacle. All of our builds are completely customizable to create your ideal fitness structure. Please note: Our obstacles are designed and built to be personal fitness structures and are not licensed or permitted playground elements. All clients are briefed of the dangers of obstacle training and must sign a waiver with a deposit before any work commences.

EVERY O-Course / Ninja / Parkour / Low Ropes Course is COMPLETELY CUSTOM, here are some examples to get you started:

Gold Package: Starting at $16999 installed

  • Your own world-class customized training structure
  • 12′ wide x 16-20′ long x 10-12′ high multi-structure
  • 10-12′ Rope Climb, 16′ Rope Traverse (w/Hi Lo option), Weaver, Devil’s Ladder, Pull-Up Bar, 12′ Angled Rock Climbing Wall, Hanging Ninja Holds & Rings, 12′ Cargo Net Climb, Monkey Bars
  • Additional / customized obstacles available upon request
  • Pressure-treated lumber featuring upgraded 6″ x 6″ posts, galvanized steel poles, military-grade strap cargo nets
  • Much more!

Course Example

JROTC Raiders / ROTC O-Course Builds

We proudly design & fabricate JROTC / ROTC training courses and competition grounds for Universities, Academies, and High Schools! We also offer phased development of ROTC courses, if your budget doesn’t allow the full ROTC-spec course to be built at once, we can chop the project up into multiple phases featuring 5-6 obstacles at a time. Our A-Team delivers world-class O-Courses on time and on budget – nationwide!

Create Your Own Course

Our builds are all custom: You choose the size, number, and placement of obstacles. Just email us a list of what obstacles you want and we can take it from there!

  • Monkey Bars
  • Climbing Walls / Confidence Climb & Team Challenges
  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Rope Swing
  • Traverse Wall
  • Over / Under
  • Weaver
  • Low Crawl
  • Rope Climb
  • Log Cross
  • Hurdles
  • Pull-Up Bars
  • Rope Bridge
  • Triceps Traverse (Dip Bars)
  • and much more!

See Also: NAVY SEAL BUDS Course

Contact us at brett@adv.fit now to get started!