Nitro High School, Nitro WV

In a town that is famous for its nitroglycerine testing during WWII, our crew was proud to create this little “firecracker” of a JROTC course! Consisting of (9) elements with a dual-purpose Rope Climb / Swing Stop & Jump, this course is a great example of how to create a full JROTC training course on a sub $20k budget.

  • Low Crawl
  • 4′ Wall
  • 6′ Wall
  • Balance Beams
  • Over/Under Logs
  • Over, Under, Through Walls
  • Swing, Stop, & Jump / Rope Climb

Inness, NY

Our team built this gorgeous course to complement and flow with the rolling farmland of Inness, a 5-star resort in Accord, NY. All (13) elements were chosen for their style and function, with special attention to creating simple and clean lines along with the strong presence of each log, rope, and board.

Texas A&M ROTC Course

Our crew built these massive obstacles for the Col. Don Higginbotham (USMC, Ret.) ROTC Training Facility at Texas A&M Central Texas location in Killeen, TX. The course is designed in a V-shape with an enormous 25′ tall rope climb in the center and (4) additional obstacles radiating out on each side:

  • 25′ Rope Climb
  • 6′, 8′, 10′ Walls, all 20′ wide
  • (2) X-Shaped Pull-up Bars
  • (2) 20′ long rising Monkey Bars
  • (6) Log Hurdles
  • Easy Balancer
  • Z-shaped Hip Hip

Portable O-Courses

Summit Leadership Academy wanted a JROTC course that they could utilize immediately with the flexibility to move the structures to their new home when it is constructed. We built 12 ROTC obstacles in 2-up pods for a strong structure that has NO concrete footers – enabling the obstacles to be moved with minimal damage to their sports fields.

We set up the Low Crawl, Monkey Bars, Triceps Traverse (Hand Walk), Balance Beams, Tire Agility, Hurdles, 4′ Wall, 6′ Wall, Confidence Climb, Z-Traverse Wall, A-Frame Cargo Climb, and Rope Wall in an out & back layout to optimize one instructor’s ability to monitor the entire course and the combined structures provided extensive strength and stability for (12) portable obstacles.

Pricing starts at $17,999

Portable Obstacle Course

We designed and built this portable course for use at charity functions; all of the elements are built in “pods” that are side-by-side for strength and durability and have a very small footprint with participants using one side on the way “out” on the course and the other on the way “back”. The (12) individual elements can all be broken down for storage and easily reassembled on the course in multiple different layouts.

Pricing starts at $15,999

Adventure Fitness Obstacle Gyms

Designed for fun, fitness, and agility, our Adventure Fitness Obstacle Gyms are like a playground designed by a Ninja Warrior! Up to a dozen different elements are packed into a space not much bigger than 12′ x 12′:

Monkey Bars, Rope Climb, Cliffhanger, Traverse Wall, Log Hops, Balance Logs, Hi/Lo Rope, Confidence Climb, and more!

We can build these structures in backyards, campgrounds, parks – anywhere!

email to get started!