Low Ropes Courses

What do you get when you combine all the elements of an O-course together with fun and challenging elements to climp over, under, and through – AND don’t need any additional safety equipment or harnesses? A Low Ropes Course!

At just 12″ – 24″ off the ground, a Low Ropes Course is a safe, fun way to build agility, get exercise, and conquer challenges without ropes or harnesses in the way. Try your best and step off on the ground if you need to – and try again!

Davison Township Low Ropes Hex Playground

Camp Grace Challenge Course – Low Ropes & Obstacles

Reid Ranch Low Ropes Course

We built this low ropes course in 2 stages – the original lower course in 2021 and an expanded taller portion in 2022!

Bell Bank Park powered by Legacy Sports USA Low Ropes Course

A Low Ropes Course can have a million different variations depending on its usage and placement – fun & amusement, fitness training, testing one’s balance and skills, team building, and even “competition” against friends. By linking all the elements together, a Low Ropes Course can be used on a sequential path from start-to-finish or as a playground-type of a free-flow area where participants choose what elements they want to enjoy.

DID YOU KNOW: Insuring a Low Ropes Course is usually quicker and less expensive than an “Obstacle course” or “O-Course” as most major insurance carriers have a category for Low Ropes Courses similar to Playgrounds. Check your local area and insurance carrier for guidelines. We are a member of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology)

Every ADV.FIT Low Ropes Course is custom-built for your usage, size, age demographics, etc. Our crew has built world-championship courses on the top of a mountain, we can absolutely create your low ropes course just about anywhere!

To get started now, just email brett@adv.fit

Here’s a Low Ropes / Log Course with ~20 different elements we built at 8000′ on a ranch resort in Utah!

  • Log Hops
  • Balance Logs
  • Apex Rope Wall
  • U Bridge
  • Monkey Bars
  • Log Bridge
  • A-Frame Cargo Climb
  • Tire Traverse
  • Confidence Climb
  • Hi/Lo Rope Walk
  • Rope Jungle
  • Pole Traverse
  • Trouble Timbers
  • Traverse Wall
  • Hanging Timbers
  • Tarzan Swing

low ropes course is a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork, skills, and commitment. Constructed of cable, rope, and wood, courses are constructed outdoors to blend in with the natural environment.

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