ROTC Course Builds

We proudly ROTC training courses and competition grounds for Universities, Academies, and High Schools! We also offer phased development of ROTC courses, if your budget doesn’t allow the full ROTC-spec course to be built at once, we can chop the project up into multiple phases featuring 5-6 obstacles at a time. Our A-Team delivers world-class O-Courses on time and on-budget!

Obstacle Example List:

  • Monkey Bars
  • Climbing Walls / Confidence Climb & Team Challenges
  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Rope Swing
  • Traverse Wall
  • Over / Under
  • Weaver
  • Low Crawl
  • Rope Climb
  • Log Cross
  • Hurdles
  • Pull-Up Bars
  • Rope Bridge
  • Triceps Traverse (Dip Bars)
  • and much more!

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